No more uncertainties in laser cutting cost calculation

Piacenza, Italy – Laser Calculation is software from SIAD s.p.a that is capable of calculating laser cutting machine costs. This exclusive program permits the full control of all the headings of laser cutting costs and recalculates them, wherever possible.

The software will be launched in November at the next EXPOlaser, with demonstrations at SIAD’s booth customized on a client’s machine. EXPOlaser takes place November 17 to 19 in Piacenza.

Laser Calculation puts an end to the uncertainties about the determination of laser cutting operations' final cost. The program’s output is the unit cost of the single cut piece. Laser Calculation is specifically designed for companies using laser cutting and combined machines and it’s addressed to specialized subcontractors. In fact, their need to make a gainful and balanced offer is often frustrated by the difficult calculation of a product price, stressed in turn by the extreme differentiation of the products ordered by customers operating in various fields.

“By entering both the machine technical data and the processing information, Laser Calculation software provides a clear view of the product cost structure and how every single heading affects the final price," says Alfredo Malomo, SIAD process manager base business. “Laser Calculation is quite a unique program, as the current software installed on laser cutting machines only indicates the time needed to carry out an operation, while all the other parameters have to be reconstructed and collected in order to get the final cost.

"On the other hand, Laser Calculation calculates the cost of a single finished piece, by examining all the headings that contribute to its final result," continues Malomo. "It also displays all the headings, including manufacturing cost. It allows the machine user to be perfectly aware of the actual costs and to make an accurate and precise offer. In the negotiation with the customer, the possibility to have full control of the costs also allows room for manoeuvre and then more opportunities to bring the negotiation to a satisfactory conclusion."


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