Laser cutting technology for print jig production

Cambridge, UK – Print technology company Copytrax has invested in the very latest laser cutting technology, an investment that will help them manufacture jigs for the silk screen and digital print industry.

Already equipped with 3D CAD expertise, the new laser technology will enable the company to rapidly design and produce custom jigs that are used to hold items while undergoing the printing process.

"Until now, the development and engineering of a print jig has been a major bottleneck in the setting up of a print job," said Steve Woods, sales manager at Copytrax . "There has been no fast solution, and it has also been expensive, as the engineering work has had to be subcontracted. With the addition of the new laser cutter, we can do the whole process in house, enabling us to offer a fast delivery, as well as being able to control the quality and accuracy."

The new laser cutter is able to accurately cut through foam and acrylics, producing multiple profiles of the products that need to be held during the printing process. Furthermore, Copytrax has pioneered a number of "holding" techniques that speed the installation and removal of the products from the jig.

"The accuracy of the laser cutter is an important factor," said Woods. "The jigs need to be very accurate to ensure that the position of the printing on the products is exact. Also, the jigs need to hold the products consistently and accurately, so the hold and release mechanism does need to be well thought out."

“Now that we have the new laser cutting machine in house, it will not only enhance the service that we offer our existing customers, but we will also be providing our jig manufacturing services and laser cutting service to manufacturing and screen print companies in the Eastern region,” said Woods.


Steve Woods, holding an example of a print jig manufactured using Copytrax’s new laser cutter.


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