DILAS launches vertical diode laser stack product line

DILAS, Mainz, Germany,  has launched a high duty cycle vertical diode laser stack product line that enables long pulse length for high energy applications.

Available in the UK from ES Technology Limited, these compact, completely AuSn soldered vertical stacks are designed specifically for operation in applications with low cooling capacity for medical and high energy laser applications requiring high pulse energy in a small dense package.

From the parameter field defined by duty cycle, power, and pulse length, this device starts at 200 W, 808 nm and 300 W, 940 nm at 2% duty cycle / 2 ms up to 60 W per bar at 808 nm and 175 W per bar at 940 nm at 20% / 75ms.

The macro-channel-cooled vertical stacks contain up to 8-bar configurations with up to 20% duty cycle at 60 W per bar for 808 nm and 175 W per bar for 940 nm at 75 ms pulse duration (hair removal).

Even under the toughest environments, the DILAS advanced packaging and high precision optic mounting provide full control allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as ±3mrad (FWHM). Custom options are also available upon request.

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