Gravograph introduces Flexilase high-resolution material for engraving on rotary and CO2 laser systems

Gravograph, Duluth, Ga., has introduced the Flexilase engraving material that is 0.25 mm (0.01 in.) thick. The material is ultra-flexible and can be used for engraving on curved and flat surfaces.

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Whatever technology you use, laser or mechanical engraving, Flexilase™ offers good cutting and engraving results. From characters with a height down to 1 mm (0.004 in.) to letters or logos, Flexilase guarantees perfect engraving. The standard Flexilase range includes 15 caps (solid colors or metallic finishes) that are applied to black or white core colors.

Flexilase is a suitable material for industrial and institutional signs & decals, or personalization engraving needs: identification labels, bar codes, trophy plates, personalized name-plates, etc.

With its 12 inch x 24 inch (610 mm x 305 mm) format, you can work in matrix to improve your productivity. The Flexilase adhesive backing allows adhesion of your finished work easily and permanently to all kinds of flat or curved surfaces.

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