AMS Technologies presents Samurai UV laser marking system from DPSS Lasers

The Samurai UV laser marking system from DPSS Lasers  is now available from AMS Technologies, Martinsried, Germany. It is the first marking system specifically designed for UV lasers at 355 nm.

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It takes advantage of the short UV wavelength to provide a small spot size and a large depth of focus. UV lasers also take advantage of the cold marking process, not requiring high average powers and allowing damage free marking on many materials.

The Samurai marking system is also capable of UV ablation and engraving on many materials. Such materials include: wires, metals, sapphire, glass, diamond, polyamides, PCBs, coatings, ITO removal, silicon wafers, ceramics, plastics, fiber, paper, etc.

The system features: small spot sizes, cold UV marking, easy to use software, fast scanning speeds, an integrated UV marking solution, and a large work area with large depth of focus, with <700 W single phase utility required.

Marking diameter is 75 mm diameter for the standard version and up to 170 mm diameter for the customized version. Drawing speed is 300 mm/sec for the standard version and up to 2 m/sec for the customized version.

AMS Technologies is a European solution provider and distributor for optical, power and thermal management technologies, with almost 30 years of experience to date.


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