Photonics Industries completes live vibration testing of RG series pico second lasers

Photonics Industries, Bohemia, N.Y., has completed live vibration testing of its compact robust pico second lasers for industrial applications for the Laser Munich Show. Industrially robust ps lasers are required for the manufacturing of many novel emerging market products such as the scribing high brightness LED (HBLED) devices and 8G flat panel display (FPD) systems.
Photonics Industries' RG series diode pumped pico-second lasers are compact enough that they can be directly mounted to a movable gantry. However, when industrial lasers are utilized in this fashion, they are subjected to forces that lasers are rarely tested to in a live laser operating condition. While it is common to vibration test lasers when they are not powered up to simulate shipping and handling conditions, it is not so common to actively vibration stress test lasers while they operating in a live "laser on" condition.

Click to EnlargePhotonics Industries' 355nm ps lasers were vibration tested for 3 hrs with the "laser on" condition utilizing transportation simulator shaker table equipment. The transportation simulator's motion is a circular synchronous motion. Vectorally, the laser sees 3G at each peak of the sinusoid. The laser was strapped to the shaker table as shown in the photo. The detector of the power meter was also secured to the shaker table as shown.

Photonics Industries' RG Series diode pumped pico-second lasers achieve <25ps nominal pulse widths all while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality in a compact, industrial reliable package. Higher power IR versions (30 W and 45 W at 1MHz) are also available with harmonic output such as 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm, as needed.

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