OpTek Systems wins Queen’s Award

Abingdon, UK – Laser processing solution provider OpTek Systems, headquartered here, has won The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade. OpTek Systems provides equipment and services for precision laser processing and micromachining across a wide range of applications and industrial sectors.

The award was announced as OpTek Systems celebrates the completion of its 10th year of trading with a third consecutive record year for revenues in 2010 in spite of the turbulent economic climate over the recent past. OpTek Systems enjoyed revenue growth in 2008 and 2009 based on increased demand for machine tools used in the manufacturing and testing of PV (photovoltaic) cells in both the US and Asia.

This was augmented in 2010 by a significant uptake in the company’s proprietary and patented LaserCleave™ range of products for processing optical fibers for applications in FTTH (fiber to the home) and AOC (active optical cable) mainly in Asia, but also in Europe and North America. In combination with OpTek’s traditional micromachining operations, these markets have pushed exports to over 80%.

"I am very proud that since its formation in 2000, OpTek has now reported 10 consecutive years of profitable operation, and has expanded its facilities from the UK to include manufacturing sites in USA and Asia," said founder and technical director Dr. Mike Osborne. "It is a great honor for our efforts to be recognized with this prestigious award, which has been achieved thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our staff and partners."

OpTek Systems is a global provider of laser processing equipment and manufacturing services for the fiber optic and micromachining markets. In its 11th year of operation, OpTek has manufacturing facilities in the US and the UK, and sales offices in the North America, Europe, and Asia. OpTek has a good track record of both developing new or novel laser processes and of transitioning these into robust and cost effective production line solutions, incorporating automated part handling and integrated inspection.
Typical processes include cutting, drilling, scribing  and welding, which are routinely applied in the production in microelectronics, photovoltaics, telecom, datacom, biomedical, sensing, fiber laser manufacture, medical device manufacture, biotechnology, photonics and precision engineering.

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