Automotive expert keynoter at laser company open house

Farmington, Conn. – Emmy Award-winning automotive journalist John McElroy will serve as keynote speaker at the annual Open House at the TRUMPF Laser Technology Center in Plymouth, MI, the evening of May 5, when he will help debut the TruLaser Cell 8030 to the North American market.

This new, 5-axis laser system is designed specifically for laser cutting hot stamped 3D components. With a compact laser system it is easily integrated into highly-productive, industrial environments, such as automotive manufacturing, where it offers increased productivity and greater flexibility.

McElroy is host of the television program Autoline Detroit and the webcast Autoline Daily, which cover all aspects of the automotive industry. His presentation at TRUMPF will include an overview of the current state of the automotive industry, and his thoughts on its future, including how he envisions the Detroit Three using laser technology to operate efficiently and remain competitive in the marketplace.

The Open House is held in conjunction with the Advanced Laser Applications Workshop (ALAW) that will take place earlier that day at a nearby location, and will feature the new TruLaser Cell 8030 cutting a hot formed automotive component.

"The introduction of the TruLaser Cell 8030 to the North American audience is exciting for the industry," says Tim Morris, general manager of TRUMPF’s Laser Technology Center. "In fact, this laser machine’s arrival, in parallel with the hot formed cutting market’s booming, has caused quite a stir. We’re hearing from many manufacturers who believe its flexibility and productivity will revolutionize their ability to produce hot formed components at an unprecedented rate and quality level."

The evening event is open to TRUMPF customers and friends who have a special interest in automotive manufacturing. Registration is required to attend.

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