Automated hole inspection system

East Hartford, Conn. – The Dynamic Automated Visual Inspection System (DAVIS) is an optical system and proprietary software designed to measure hole sizes, analyze the data, and interface with a laser drilling workstation in real time to control the size of the holes.

An image acquisition system communicates with the laser drilling system and alters the laser parameters to change the size of the next holes to be drilled by the laser. The resultant cooling air flow is therefore dynamically controlled and kept within the desired range of tolerances.

For vanes and blades after each hole is drilled, total projected air flow at part completion is predicted and compared to the desired final air flow. For combustors and other parts where the “drilling on the fly” approach is used, after the drilling of each row of holes, the correction signal is applied to the laser system to change the laser parameters for the next row of holes. This novel procedure allows for the inspection and quality control operations to occur automatically and simultaneously during production, resulting in a 50%  reduction in overall cycle times, while total coolant flow is expected to stay within ±2.5% of desired final flow. 

Dr. Sy Hamadani, who directs the Laser Applications business unit at Scientific Applications & Research Associates, in Los Angeles, CA, will describe the final integration of a system in a production environment at Pratt Whitney facilities and present preliminary results.

This is just one of the advanced laser applications to be presented at this years SALA (April 13 to 14) to be held at the Hartford Hilton Hotel. Sign up now as seating for this event is limited.

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