Laser-drilled micro holes in catheters

Nashua N.H – Local delivery of treatment drugs by infusion catheters or balloons may be more effective than systemic chemotherapy. Resonetics LLC provides laser drilling services into balloon catheter devices to both allow inlet ports for infused drugs or perfusion holes to maintain blood flow. Laser micromachining technology provides a controlled, consistent method to drill both round and tear-shaped holes in single or multi-lumen catheters from 1 micron diameter and higher.

Resonetics utilizes its proprietary bio-absorbable stent cutting technology for machining bio-absorbable implants. Micro fabrication using laser technology opens up areas with integrated catheter and drug delivery solutions including machining of reservoirs and valves. Specific applications include the treatment of cancer in the brain or liver.

Resonetics says it is the largest total solution provider of laser micromachining products and services in the world, and that they have the largest independent plastic (polymer) laser micromachining facility with more than 50 UV-based laser micromachining systems and with three cleanrooms.

Laser micromachining represents a critical fabrication technology for the manufacturing of medical devices, diagnostics, and a variety of non-medical products as the machining features become increasingly small.

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