Cambridge Technology releases ScanMaster Designer software suite for laser material processing and marking

Cambridge Technology, Lexington, MA, has released the ScanMaster Designer, a user's software with contemporary "look and feel" and all the functionality needed to create and control your jobs. Intuitive graphic design environment, import capability of standard file formats and multitude of CAD-like editing tools makes job creation an easy task.

If you already have your own user interface, you can still have access to most of ScanMaster Designer functionalities through our ScanMaster Application Protocol Interface (API). This high-level API will allow you to programmatically incorporate complex objects (such as 1D & 2D barcodes, fonts, arcs, and circles) into your jobs. This API also supports ScanScript, CTI's scripting language that enables complex job structures and flow control.   

While CTI's focus is on delivering modern and new technologies to the market, your existing designs and past investments were not forgotten. Our Hardware-level API allows you to interface to CTI's hardware platforms: the EC1000 and the new sub-compact SC500 similarly to how you have always done it.
The SC500 provides full support of mainstream vector applications with a small footprint and competitive pricing, while the fully featured EC1000 supports high-end scan systems and can also operate in a stand-alone mode. In addition, the EC1000 is the core of our SM1000 Control Module that provides system integrators and lab technicians with a friendly-to-use, easy-to-integrate box that already contains the power supplies to drive the scanner system.


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