Lumics announces LuOcean diode lasers for solid state and fiber laser pumping

Lumics GmbH, Berlin, Germany, has announced the LuOcean line of diode lasers for solid state and fiber laser pumping of Tm, Er, Nd, and Yb. 

The LuOcean emits either CW or up to 300W pulsed power out of a 300 or 600 µm fiber. Also, a collimated free space beam is available. A kkey benefit of this laser is the ultra small footprint and a weight of ~400 g (15 oz). For example, in an end-pumped NdYAG configuration, the LuOcean can be built directly without fiber into the laser head. An Er or Tm fiber laser can be designed very slim.

The LuOcean comes with a wavelength tolerance of ± 3 nm for each absorbing material. A water cooled base plate and optional Peltier elements (TEC) for stabilization and fine tuning of the output power and wavelength can be provided.

For prototype development, a complete turn-key solution including TEC control can be offered.

Lumics GmbH produces laser diodes (single and multimode) and systems based on single emitter, direct diode technology, manufactured under ISO 9000 conditions.

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