Hybrid laser welding system

Erlangen, German – LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has made improvements to its TwinWeld hybrid welding system. A new high-performance welding head and a compact housing are the stand-out features of the new series.

In hybrid welding, the laser beam is surrounded by a thermal field that enlarges the process window, increases the welding speed, and eliminates the need for a tempering process.

"Instead of complex clamping tools, this method requires only the use of an inexpensive component holder. In addition, an integrated rotary indexing table supports two stations; a loading/unloading station and a welding station – of large car lights for instance," explains Frank Brunnecker, VP, Laser Welding Business Unit.

In the redesigned inline module "LPKF LQ-Integration," the development engineers succeeded in significantly reducing the dimensions of the welding head. One or more heads can be installed in space-saving positions in the customer’s own layout. The laser source and the controls are installed independent of the heads in a separate cabinet.

LPKF TwinWeld3D with robot-supported welding of large free-form parts in a thermal field. A rotary indexing table is used here for fast feed-in.



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