RPMC introduces compact air-cooled picosecond lasers with up to 4W average power

RPMC Lasers Inc., O'Fallon, Missouri, now offers affordable, rugged, compact, air-cooled, high energy picosecond lasers, providing up to 150 µJ of pulse energy.

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1um diameter holes, 1 µm deep using 532 nm.

These short-pulsed lasers combine the advantages of fiber laser technology and the high energies of solid state diode pumped free space amplifiers. Robust fiber based laser technology makes the APL series a good solution for a variety of cold micromachining and imaging applications. These compact, ultrafast lasers are good for various cold micromachining needs and deliver the highest precision at an affordable price.

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Bone ablation.

The APL’s 1064nm laser platform allows it to be tailored to various power, pulse energy and repetition rates needed for a variety of industrial, scientific, and medical applications. The IR is sufficient for most micromachining applications.

The APL-500-1064 is available with 5 ps pulses and 25 µJ of energy at 10 KHz with 0.5 W of average power at 500kHz. The APL-4000-1064 is available with <10 ps pulses and 150 µJ of energy at 10 KHz with 4 W of average power at 500 kHz. 

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