Laser ablation centers introduced

Lincolnshire, Ill. – New laser ablation centers from GF AgieCharmilles will debut in North America at IMTS 2010. First introduced in Europe in 2009, the product line features six machines, including two 5-axis laser ablation centers, the LASER 1000 5Ax and LASER 1200 5Ax. The LASER line was developed and introduced to further expand the company’s commitment to providing extreme precision and intelligent machining.

ML Incision Laser, Onore, Italy,  purchased a LASER model in 2009. "When we buy machines, it is important to us to have a global partner who is very reliable and offers very good service in support of the products," says Paolo Giudici, R&D manager at ML Incision Laser. "GF AgieCharmilles offers a full range of services around its new LASER products. I don't know of any other company in the world that offers workpiece tooling for laser machines. In a very busy laser shop, it is very appealing to have automation as an option. Being able to put all of your parts into the pallet magazine and let the machine do its work without interruption is a real advantage.

One of the jobs completed on ML Incision Laser's LASER ablation center involved detailed, elaborate decoration on a collectible Beretta firearm. The geometric drawing for the part was too fine to create with standard chemical engraving methods. The levels of intricacy and precision required made it a job perfectly suited to the laser engraving process.

ML Incision Laser also experienced the benefits of the LASER ablation center when creating male and female molds for a plastic chair designed by a high-end furniture exhibition in Milan.

"We can do geometric texturing that our competitors cannot do," says Giudici. "For instance, the finishing of the molds for these chairs was absolutely perfect. Since the chairs were transparent, the finishing was very important; any flaws would have been quite obvious."

At ML Incision Laser, it is a competitive advantage to have laser ablation machines backed by a high degree of expertise and support. The company's laser expertise yields intricate and highly accurate markings that may go unseen by the unskilled eye, and machine precision makes all the difference.

GF AgieCharmilles is a North American supplier of wire EDM, CNC, manual die-sinking systems, and high speed/performance and 5-axis CNC milling machines.

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