Laser cutter/welder reduces downtime

East Granby, Conn. – Joining Technologies Inc. has introduced Infinite WebTM 355, a laser cutting and welding system for splicing iron and nickel-based strip alloys. An all-in-one design incorporates laser welding and cutting with a single head.

"It's a quantum leap from the splicing equipment currently seen in the metal converting plants," says company president Dave Hudson.

The system offers a user friendly, streamlined design with optimal safety features. As implied by its name, the Infinite Web joins leading and trailing edges of metal coils in strip processing lines to create a continuous feed with no downtime associated with rethreading and realignment.

With the ability to service multiple converting lines, this system is a mobile, standalone system requiring only one electrical input and minimal operator involvement. The industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, canned programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self diagnostics to ensure optimal uptime. As such, it is designed to handle a large range of material thicknesses and widths. It uses coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise and accurate splices.

Joining Technologies is an innovator in precision fusion processes, including laser and electron beam welding, laser additive manufacturing, and weld system design and integration. For more information, email

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