Leister releases air-cooled laser system for plastic welding

Leister Technologies LLC, Itasca, IL, has released the Novolas Basic AT Compact air-cooled laser system for plastic welding, providing a lower cost of entry for incorporating this precision hermetic plastic joining technology.

The air-cooled laser is a compact, cost-effective, and low maintenance solution for easy integration into high-speed automation. It is designed for integration into production lines and manufacturing cells. The 19-inch housing at a depth of 500 mm includes a fiber-coupled laser module (single-emitter high-power laser diodes) with an optical power of 40 W. It is equipped with a front display for process state and system diagnosis. It can be used as a tabletop unit and may be combined with all fiber-coupled optics of the Novolas product line. The mutually matched components provide high process stability as well as cost-saving production.

Laser welding is used to achieve precise, clean, and hermetic welds when assembling plastic automotive parts, medical devices, lab-on-chip, fuel cell technologies, sensors, renewable energy devices and other products.

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