Fianium's applications lab for picosecond microprocessing

Southampton, UK – The micro-material processing applications facility at ultrafast fiber laser manufacturer Fianium is now fully functional and accepting enquiries and sample projects. Operating within Summit Photonics in Portland, Ore., the facility enables OEMs to work closely with Fianium to test material samples and highlight the processing results attainable with its range of versatile picosecond fiber laser systems.

The lab is equipped with the Fianium HE 1064/532 microjule class fiber lasers (IR and green) with MHz to single shot and burst mode capability. These ultrashort, high peak power laser pulses enable 'cold processing,' where material is ablated before thermal diffusion occurs in many materials, thus avoiding unwanted heating of thin films. The lab is also equipped with precision galvo beam steering and translation stages, which enable micron-sized features to be scribed, drilled, or cut .

The lab's team is led by industry veteran Dr. Brian Baird, who has pioneered multiple generations of solid state photonics solutions with experience in metal, semiconductor, organic, glass, and many other materials commonly used in applications such as microelectronics, semiconductors, photovoltaics, displays and medical devices.

"Through the combined expertise of Fianium and Summit Photonics, our lab has already made significant progress with a number of successful studies on diverse materials, such as dielectric and metal thin films, semiconductors and transparent conductive oxides that have historically proven difficult to process using conventional DPSS lasers," said Fianium CEO Anatoly Grudinin. "Our facility provides an effective platform for testing and helping to drive new applications to fruition, and we're delighted to announce that the lab is now able to accept more samples from customers."

To learn more or to provide samples and schedule testing, contact your local Fianium representative at:


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