Ophir-Spiricon introduces the Juno compact USB laser sensor interface

Ophir-Spiricon has announced Juno, the smart USB sensor to PC interface that converts a laptop or desktop PC into a laser power/energy meter.

A compact USB module, the Juno connects any of Ophir-Spiricon's 100+ smart laser sensors - thermal, pyroelectic, and photodiode -- to a PC USB port. The Juno operates with Ophir-Spiricon's StarLab software StarLab logs power and energy; calculates and displays averages, statistics, histograms; and more. The system can record every energy pulse at up to 10 KHz.

Juno is a plug and play module that can be used with a wide variety of laser measurement sensors. Several sensors can be connected to a PC using one Juno module for each sensor; if needed, a USB hub can be used to connect up to eight sensors to one PC. Unlike some competitive offerings, Juno uses a standard USB cable and can be unplugged from one sensor and used on another. No power source is required.

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