Coherent releases Genesis CX355 -250 UV laser

Coherent has released its Genesis CX355 -250 laser, which delivers over 250 mW of TEM00 output.

All Genesis CX355 lasers utilize Coherent’s unique optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology and are provide true-CW UV, rather than pulsed or quasi-CW (mode-locked) output. In the Genesis CX355 -250, OPSL technology provides the ideal combination of low noise (< 0.5%) and high output power, which enables OEM instruments to achieve superior signal to noise characteristics. The Genesis CX355 -250 produces a TEM00  output beam (M2 < 1.2), ) enabling perfect collimation and/or refocusing to a diffraction-limited spot.

The Genesis CX355 -250 is a source for fluorescence-based applications, including confocal microscopy, and is expected to find applications in some 3D prototyping applications, i.e., stereolithography, as well as in flow cytometry of live-cells, such as egg and fertilized-egg sorting.



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