Advanced laser processing systems

East Hartford, Conn. –  I’ve just finished a tour of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology’s applications laboratories. Dr. Paul Denney walked me through the demonstration area where attendees at this year's Symposium on Advanced Laser Applications will be shown several advanced laser material processing systems in action.

In place are: a new addition, the TRUMPF Inc. TruMicro 7050, being shown for the first time in North America. Powered by a TRUMPF Disk Laser, this unit is demonstrating a surface cleaning procedure that can be used to remove coatings from precision parts.

Also being demonstrated is a Laserdyne 795 from Prima North America that uses an Nd:YAG laser in a drilling on-the-fly operation for combustor liner processing.

In another section of the laboratory, I saw a DMG 50 system  using an Nd:YAG laser to process air foils for aerospace applications. And one corner of  the lab houses a 100 W IPG Photonics fiber laser manipulated by robotic motion to drill cooling holes in turbine engine burner cans in a drilling on-the-fly process. Attendees will have the opportunity to compare the two on-the-fly systems.

Attendance at the CCAT Open House is limited to registered attendees at SALA, but it is not too late to register for the April 14-15 event. There are a limited number of spaces still available for the technical sessions and the Open house.

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