UV laser microprocessing services

Pelham, NH--Photomachining Inc. is one of a few global industrial laser job shops that offer ultraviolet (UV) laser microprocessing using excimer lasers and frequency tripled and quadrupled lasers. Ultraviolet photons have several advantages over conventional infrared laser sources such as: the ability to process parts using 'cold' ablation, the ability to achieve the smallest feature sizes, and the ability to precisely control material removal.

The company has taken advantage of new UV laser sources that have recently become available, and these sources are now replacing some existing technologies, especially where the ultimate in part cleanliness and the smallest features are desired. Job shop services, from R&D to high-volume production, are performed using new technology lasers in the company's Class 10,000 contract manufacturing facility.

Custom UV laser tools are also built to customer specifications including on-line workstations, roll-to-roll feeders, machine vision, and robotics.

For details on the experience and capabilities of this technology leading job shop, Photomachining Inc., contact Dr. Ronald D. Schaeffer by e-mail at rschaeffer@photomachining.com or call 603-882-9944 or FAX: 603-886-8844.

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