Miniature thorax airbag wraps leverage proprietary laser welding technology

Schreiner ProTech (Southfield, MI) announced it is expanding the application of its laser based airbag cover manufacturing process to include automotive thorax airbags. Previously only applicable to side inflatable curtain airbag wraps, the company's new and customizable Miniature Thorax Airbag Wraps can now be used in vehicles to protect the thorax and pelvis of occupants.

Airbags are covered by special wraps to ensure their reliable deployment in case of an accident, even years after installation in an automobile. Airbag wraps have to meet exacting safety specifications. The production of these covers has historically involved time-consuming processes like manual sewing of material to create sleeve-type wraps or costly plastic injection molded covers.

Made of a non-woven fabric, the Miniature Thorax Airbag Wraps are printed,laser welded, and cut to size through a high-speed, one-step process that eliminates the need for complex sewing of the fabric parts, thus
cost-effectively improving assembly process efficiency. Multilingual warnings can be conveniently and accurately positioned on the compact fabric part,
enabling airbag manufacturers to flexibly tailor their products to fit customer needs no matter where they are located. Schreiner's Thorax Airbag Wraps are
certified under ISO/TS 16949 and are currently being used by international auto manufacturers.

Introduced last year, Schreiner's revolutionary side airbag covers were awarded the 2008 Bavarian Innovation Award in recognition of outstanding innovation.

Schreiner`s Miniature Thorax Airbag Wraps are ten times smaller than their side airbag counterparts but leverage the same efficient manufacturing process and

For more information about Schreiner ProTech, visit the company website

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