JPSA ships PV-5000 thin film laser scribing system

J. P. Sercel Associates Inc. (JPSA; Manchester, NH) has shipped the first of multiple PV-5000 Thin Film Photovoltaic Laser Scribing Systems for the solar industry to a U.S.customer. The PV-5000 is a high volume, high accuracy, robust production system for scribing new thin film on glass solar panels.

The PV-5000 JPSA systems use advanced laser scribing technology to rapidly and accurately produce fine scribed lines with >30MOhm isolation. The range of applications includes thin film, P1 Front Contact, P2 Semiconductor, P3 Back Contacts, Border deletion, and Bulk deletion of all three layers to provide an edge isolation border.

Jeffrey Sercel, Chairman & CTO of JPSA, said, "Our PV-5000 laser scriber sets a new benchmark with speeds, accuracies, and throughputs that have not yet been achieved for this process. With our proprietary and patent pending laser technology, and high precision automation experience, we developed a high-volume production system with low operating costs that can accurately and selectively remove thin films from large glass, metal, or polymer substrates."

The PV-5000 laser scribing systems use JPSA's proven ability to design and integrate short wavelength lasers, high precision motion control systems, beam homogenizer technology, and high resolution optics to provide industrial laser scribing tools that exceed the demanding requirements of the high precision solar scribing industry.

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