Next-generation 4kW diode laser

Laserline (Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany, and Santa Clara, CA) announces its next generation of high power diode laser systems for industrial applications. For the first time ever, diode lasers now reach 4000 W with a beam quality equivalent to that of lamp-pumped Nd:YAG systems. Fiber delivered, the beam can be focused down to 0.6 mm with a 200 mm focusing length. Designed with the application in mind, welding processes in steel and aluminum as well as fine cladding are well within the abilities of this new generation of diode lasers. Very high beam quality lasers such fiber or disk lasers are not necessary, and may even be detrimental when it comes to the ability to bridge gaps or reach a minimum weld width. According to the company, the next generation diode laser's beam parameters are tailored towards welding processes, and are offering the most economical solution.

With an even smaller footprint, the new generation diode lasers use less than 8 sqft, while offering new options such as an integrated chiller allowing the use of plant water of up to 90 degrees F. A small footprint, low maintenance, and an efficiency of up to 45% directly translate into real life cost savings, up to 10 times lower than that of a lamp-pumped YAG laser. This will pave the way to a replacement of conventional lasers by diode lasers in ever more applications.

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