MTC Software now part of Hypertherm

Hypertherm today announced the acquisition of the core assets of MTC Software, a developer of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software used by the sheet and plate processing industry.

MTC's software product helps companies in the metal cutting industry optimize their cuts so that cut quality and productivity are improved while producing less scrap (see related ILS article). The CAM software is used in conjunction with CNC systems for laser, oxy-fuel, plasma, waterjet, and other cutting processes.

Hypertherm's founder and president Dick Couch says, "The marriage of MTC's software with our CNC motion control products will continue to provide Hypertherm and MTC customers with repeatable, optimized cutting outcomes and easy integration."

"Both Hypertherm and MTC share the same goal of making products that will help our customers to become more productive and profitable," said MTC CEO John Rosenberg. "And while this has always been an MTC goal, it is even more critical in the current economic environment."

MTC Software, celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, has built its reputation as one of the industry's leading developers of computer aided manufacturing software and is widely recognized for its strong customer focus and first-class technical support. Its ProNest, TurboNest and other products are known for delivering ease of use and increased productivity.

Hypertherm does not plan any significant changes to MTC's operations as a result of this purchase. MTC headquarters will remain in Lockport, New York and its 40 associates will continue to work at their current locations. MTC has offices and distribution partners throughout the world.

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