Epilog's 20W and 30W FiberMark systems to have new laser source

Epilog Laser's 20W and 30W FiberMark systems are starting to use a new laser source from IPG Photonics. The new source is a Ytterbium laser-pulsed high-contrast laser (YLP HC) that uses electrical controls to shutter the laser energy more efficiently, thereby increasing peak power and providing faster pulsing speeds.

The source provides users more control and flexibility in their current marking applications as well as providing the ability to produce higher quality marks on a wider variety of materials.

"The new laser source will improve marking results on certain types of plastics," said Bob Henry, FiberMark product manager for Epilog. "We're thrilled to continue our relationship with IPG Photonics. Their innovations help strengthen the FiberMark line and increase our customers' productivity."

Epilog added the new laser source to the 20W and 30W FiberMark systems to better meet customer demand in an industry where part and component marking is becoming increasingly important.

"Perfect markings are imperative in industries that must continuously improve quality control, identification processes and traceability. With this new laser source from IPG Photonics, flawless markings are what FiberMark users will receive," added Henry.

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