CCAT receives DOE grant

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) has announced the receipt of a two-year grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology in early market applications.

CCAT will engage in a "Partnership-Building" effort with the DOE, state and municipal decision makers using an approach designed to facilitate fuel cell and hydrogen installations, improve state/regional municipal relations, and provide community supported solutions to address local and regional energy issues.

CCAT plans to develop resources to educate decision makers, integrate local energy plans with state transportation, energy, and climate change action plans, and identify financial and investment opportunities for early market deployment.

"CCAT is extremely pleased to receive this Department of Energy grant, which has been offered to only five programs," stated Elliot Ginsberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCAT. This grant acknowledges the leadership Connecticut has achieved in the planning and development of hydrogen fuel cells as an important energy and power resource.

The project is designed for potential use by other states as a model for the development of federal, state, local and industry partnerships to facilitate the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

As a current world leader in the research, design, and manufacture of hydrogen and fuel cell related technology, Connecticut is uniquely positioned to execute a smooth transition from conventional hydrocarbon fuels using conventional combustion technology to use of advanced high efficiency electrochemical fuel cell technology and other efficient, clean, hydrogen technologies.

Connecticut's hydrogen and fuel cell industry employs 1,156 employees; an increase of 229 jobs since early 2006. Under existing trends, it is projected that by the year 2010, Connecticut would be positioned to increase direct employment to over 1,600 jobs.

Joel Rinebold, Director of CCAT's Energy Initiative stated, "this partnership building initiative will be beneficial to Connecticut's hydrogen and fuel cell industry to grow and provide economic opportunities for the State as well as local communities struggling with high energy costs."

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