Vytek introduces a laser scribing system for photovoltaic panel production

Vytek, Fitchburg, MA, has introduced the ProtoScribe laser scribing system for low- to medium-volume production of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) panels. ProtoScribe provides thin film PV panel manufacturers with a tool that enables concurrent development of thin film recipes and laser scribing methods.

The system generates scribes P1, P2, P3, plus edge deletion on panels as large as 60cm x 120cm.

Protoscribe delivers a precise, shaped, stable laser spot that:

• Creates scribes with uniform depth and width
• Creates clean scribe edges
• Minimizes HAZ
• Eliminates hot spots that can damage underlying layers
• Eliminates scalloping that can cause shunting

ProtoScribe's optical subsystem shapes the native Gaussian beam to deliver a homogenized laser spot to the workpiece for scribing. Furthermore, its beam positioning design minimizes spot elongation by delivering an orthogonal beam to the entire work area.

The system produces full-length precision scribes as narrow as 25μm, either film-side-up or film-side-down, in X and Y directions.

ProtoScribe employs a Near-Infrared (1060-1070nm) pulsed fiber laser, and can be alternatively configured with Green (532nm) or UV (355nm) lasers depending upon scribing requirements.

The system's innovative head assembly facilitates rapid change-out to a range of alternative focusing optics, and performs precise Z-axis focusing moves. ProtoScribe is designed to capture debris and present it to a customer-supplied filtration system. ProtoScribe is a fully enclosed Class 1 device.

ProtoScribe is the centerpiece of Phase 2 of Vytek's 3-Phase Thin Film PV Panel Manufacturing Solution:

• Phase 1: Vytek Generates Initial Scribes On Test Coupons – And Offers FiberCab Galvo-Based Scribing Systems For Panels As Large As 300mm x 300mm
• Phase 2: ProtoScribe Low To Medium Volume Full-Size Panel Laser Scribing System
• Phase 3: Axiom Full Production Laser Solutions For Scribes P1, P2, and P3 plus Edge Deletion

Contact www.vy-tek.com for more information.

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