Ophir-Spiricon launches new laser power web site and technical resource

Ophir-Spiricon has announced the launch of the new Ophir-Spiricon web site at www.ophir-spiricon.com. Thesite provides quick and easy access to a wide range of technical resources for power/energy measurement, laser beam profiling, and spectrum analysis.

Resources include technical white papers, tutorials, frequently asked questions, and application notes. The site also includes a version of the company's catalog of state-of-the-art products for laser measurement applications, including an interactive Head Finder Application.

The easy-to-navigate catalog includes detailed specifications and application notes on smart heads and displays; PC interfaces; beam diagnostic software; beam propagation and spectrum analyzers; YAG, CO2, and UV laser profilers; pyroelectric array cameras; and USB, FireWire, and framegrabber-based CCD cameras.

Laser Measurement Knowledge Base
The new Ophir-Spiricon web site features a growing knowledge base of technical information for scientists and engineers. The site includes issues of ePulse: Laser Measurement News, a review of new developments in laser analysis, beam diagnostics, and beam profiling.

White papers and tutorials are also available, covering a variety of topics, such as meter calibration and traceability, laser beam profile measurements, M2 (Beam Propagation Ratio), beam width measurement accuracy, and maximizing laser accuracy.

Laser Measurement Product Catalog
The Ophir-Spiricon web site catalog provides details on all of the company's products, including Quasar, a new, wireless Bluetooth interface that broadcasts laser meter data to any PC or laptop within 10 meters, and the PE9-F Pyroelectric Detector which accurately and repeatedly measures each and every laser pulse at up to 25,000 pulses per second, the fastest in the industry.

The site's interactive Head Finder Application that allows users to input laser parameters and receive recommendations on the best heads for measuring the laser's power and energy.

The Customer Support section of the web site includes distributor contact information, RMA forms, frequently asked questions, manuals, and software downloads. The Ask an Expert form allows laser users to directly query the engineering team with specific questions.

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