Nihon Weed purchases Sinterstation Pro SLS system from 3D Systems

3D Systems Corp. has announced that Nihon Weed of Tokyo, Japan, has purchased a Sinterstation Pro 230 SLS system, expanding the company's rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to meet increasing demand for functional, durable automotive parts.

The system can produce large prototypes within hours or days.

"We have been using 3D Systems' SLA 7000 System for sometime now with great success. More recently, we have been hearing positive remarks from our customers on the durability of DuraForm made parts and the growing success of large-frame Sinterstation Pro SLS systems," said Hideharu Atsumi, president of Nihon Weed.

The Sinterstation Pro 230 SLS system uses technology to transform computer-aided design (CAD) data into ready-to-use, accurate and durable three-dimensional plastic parts. With this system, Nihon Weed has the ability to deliver injection-molding quality, end-use parts with good definition, surface finish and accuracy, built from the toughest available plastics.

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