Elixir Systems provides Internet marketing services to Worldwide Laser Services

September 23--Worldwide Laser Services Corp. has announced an agreement with Elixir Systems, whereby Elixir will provide search engine marketing services to increase its online business.

Worldwide Laser is a laser automation and integration specialist who's areas of expertise include new laser systems for laser marking, laser cutting, and laser drilling. The company also provides new and refurbished parts for CO2 lasers and Nd:YAG lasers as well as offering a laser repair service.

"Worldwide Laser is a growing company with customers on a national and international level," says Fionn downhill, CEO of Elixir Systems. "They offer a specialized service and we aim to help them develop their web presence through a search strategy built to meet their needs. Our goal is to help them to develop their business and achieve world-wide recognition as the leading laser automation and integration specialists."

Reportedly, Worldwide Laser has active clients in 10 countries on three continents. It has developed a major service organization for TEA CO2, CW CO2, and Nd:YAG based laser marking products. It provides a large inventory of spare parts in North America. Its own products include the LP2000 series and the LP9000 series of diode and flashlamp Nd:YAG lasers. The company also has established a laser marking job shop with TEA CO2, CW CO2, diode, and flashlamp Nd:YAG laser marking systems.

Elixir Systems offers customized strategies built around search engine optimization, paid search, and online public relations.

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